Deploying your own copy of Bushfire Connect


So I worked on this awesome community startup Bushfire Connect. It is with a bit of sadness that I write this, given that we shut down our service a few years ago, but I wanted to put a note here on how to redeploy Bushfire Connect on your web server.

Please note this is a somewhat cut-down version of the Bushfire Connect we ran: all of the usernames and passwords have been stripped and a sole “admin” account is included.


Your standard Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP web server. Please note this hasn’t had many security patches applied so it’s likely to have unpatched security vulnerabilities, so be careful!

Loading the database

Go to and download the SQL file and import it to a MySQL database using your database management app of choice (like phpMyAdmin).

Uploading the web files

Download all the files at: and upload them to your web server (let’s say you upload it to your a subfolder called “bushfireconnect” in your web root folder (like /var/www/html).

edit the application/config/database.php with the appropriate config as below for the database (replace “TODO_TEXT” with relevant parameters.)

$config['default'] = array
 'benchmark' => TRUE,
 'persistent' => FALSE,
 'connection' => array
 'type' => 'mysql',
 'port' => FALSE,
 'socket' => FALSE,
 'database' => 'TODO_TEXT_DATABASE_NAME'
 'character_set' => 'utf8',
 'table_prefix' => '',
 'object' => TRUE,
 'cache' => FALSE,
 'escape' => TRUE

From the web server’s console run the following commands

chmod 777 application/config/config.php
chmod 777 application/config
chmod 777 application/cache
chmod 777 application/logs
chmod 777 media/uploads
chmod 777 .htaccess

Edit application/config/config.php so it has:

$config['site_domain'] = 'localhost/bushfireconnect/';
$config['site_protocol'] = 'http';
$config['index_page'] = 'index.php';
$config['internal_cache'] = FALSE;

Changing “localhost” to whatever your domain name is, and “bushfireconnect” to the subdirectory you uploaded the files to. And lastly login as an administrator at http://localhost/ushahidi/index.php/login with the username “admin” and password “adm1n1st2011”

Some pretty usage statistics