Interfacing Matlab to Java applications

For existing projects:

  • Open Matlab.
  • Navigate to the directory holding the Matlab project, and open the project file (going by the extension “.prj”).
  • The “Deployment Tool” (which can be opened by typing “deploytool” in the prompt) will be opened.
  • If you are updating files, drag the Matlab files off the “Classes” list and drag the Matlab files onto the “Classes” list.
  • Click on :
    • “Build” icon to make a “Jar” file of the compiled Matlab files or
    • “Package” icon to make a self extracting executable of the Jar file, Javadoc files and a readme file.

For new projects:

  • Enter “deploytool” into the command window
  • Enter a name for the project, a folder and the target should be “Java Package”.
  • Drag Matlab “.m” files that should be accessible to outside classes by dragging them as “Classes”. Private functions can be dragged under “Shared Resources and Helper Files”.
  • And you can click on either Build or Package by the above steps.

Note the Matlab Compiler Runtime is required to run these packages. More information is available here: